Vision Board – by Tamara S. Lee

The ways of the world are so different from when we were younger. The level of consciousness sometimes gets lost or unused because we have so much going on. As a mother, I am constantly trying to keep the kids balanced when it comes to life. I want them to grow up being well balanced, productive adults. What I do with them now, will stick with them and resurface when they are coming into their own, and sharing this world with others. My plan has always been to plant seeds of empathy, consciousness, humanity and good grammar (good grammar goes a long way) into their little minds.

I introduce little things to them all the time. We have ‘Word of the Week’; On Sunday, one person in the house will give a “big” word, the definition and five synonyms of that word and everyone has to use the word in a sentence that week. Everyone has a small journal, to write the words down and to keep with them in case they hear a word throughout their day, that they may want to share with the family.
Another thing we just started was “Quote of the day”. For my birthday, my husband gifted me with a vision board so I can “Get my life together” (that’s a whole other blog post). I started writing quotes on the board with my goals, and then I noticed everyone was erasing my goals, and writing quotes their own quotes on my board. Lol!! So now, everyday, someone writes a quote in a different marker color.

There’s nothing like reading a quote picked by a 9 and 10 year old (my stepson lives upstate with his mom) and hearing why they picked and liked that specific quote.
These little people never cease to amaze me. Everyday, I see the seeds I planted grow and grow.
I don’t know who put me in charge, but they definitely saw something in me that I’m sometimes still very blind to.
– To read more about Tamara, head over to my guest writers page and read her bio!
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