Encouraging the Sulky Pre-teen

To be fair, he will only be a pre-teen for another month. In a few short weeks he will officially be a full on, smelly, sullen, aggravating real live teenager.

But I’ve developed a habit (no, it didn’t take 21 days. Why do people think that shit? Link to some actual science here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/habit-formation ).over the past few months and today I realized that desire to infuse a positive, habit by using mentally easy, casual words had become someone else’s morning necessity. Continue reading Encouraging the Sulky Pre-teen

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Filed To Almost Teens

Pre-teens are the most annoying humans on the planet. See how I just jumped right in there, no segue, no anecdotes? I used to use the word ‘fuck’ a lot, but since this new AF (meaning AS FUCK) has been invented by millenials or whomever, I use that all the time. I love it. So, pre-teens are annoying AS FUCK. Sorry, AF. And the reason why is: you know they know better. That’s it, that’s the whole explanation. Small children are being taught and can’t be expected to know or remember things that are new to them and well, everything is new to them because they’ve only been on the planet a few years, right? But what about twelve year olds? Continue reading Filed To Almost Teens

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