I may have mentioned it in a post or four, but since my youngest will soon be fourteen and in high school, I’ve had to re-evaluate what I spend my time on.

I was a mom by the time I was 21, so for my entire adult life, that’s what I have done. I have parented. Mom was my definition of self. Now I really do have to redefine myself and I’ll be honest with you people, I’ve been searching with no direction and no real ideas. For a while I fancied myself a pitbull rescuer/rehabilitator. And I do that on a small scale, one dog at a time. But it’s not what I want to do when I grow up, it’s just a side job. So this January I bit the bullet and re-enrolled in school. Turns out I have 90 credits and it I buckle down and manage things right, I can earn my bachelor’s degree in a calendar year.

I mean let’s face it, what the hell else do I have to do? Well besides the obligatory screaming at my teen and taking my unruly puppy to obedience classes on Saturdays? Nothin’. So while I type this, I have four other tabs open so I can read and complete schoolwork.

This is still technically a parenting blog, and I promise, I will get back to it. As a matter of fact, my favorite twins (ok fine, my only twins, happy now?) just turned one and I have lots of fun advice and techniques to rehash for their mom. I am working on a series of essay-like articles to cover some background about our familial relationship and history so you, my readers, will be able to feel just how much I love them.

Now, my title! I have recently stopped drinking for recreation on the weekends in order to better focus on my schoolwork. It really helps me focus when I’m not overcoming a hangover. So here I am, 30-something days dry on a Sunday morning. I read that New York Times magazine expose on sleep and I’ve been following recommendations, going to sleep at the same time on the weekend as I do during the week. Yay. Which means that 7:30am feels like sleeping in since on weekdays I have to be up at 5:45am. So I get up at 7:30, amble around in the semi-cold house I own, put on coffee, tend to dogs and start breakfast. I get online and begin schoolwork – I do 5 and a half hours of it and get a weeks worth of work done for 2 classes. I decide to exercise then, do 25 minutes on the treadmill and some little hand weight reps. I walk doggies for 20 more minutes, come home, do 2 loads of laundry and a whole bunch of other cleaning up. I even prep dinner. And all this by 4pm!

It feels great to be so productive, but I wonder what will satisfyingly fill the rest of the time until I’m in bed. So I’m writing this article as I think man, these things are about to get longer. I hope I don’t lose my 74 subscribers and 9 die hard readers! Love to you all.

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