Eclipse Excitement

Did all my readers enjoy the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st 2017? There was certainly enough hype leading up to it that it had to live up to. Now granted, we live in NYC, so the most we saw here was about 73% eclipse. It didn’t get dark and nothing especially spooky or exciting happened, but that’s ok, we New Yorkers had a blast anyway. I work across the street from the Freedom Tower and the World Trade Center Memorial, which most times is a curse. But not on eclipse day. My coworkers and I spilled onto the sidewalk and there were literally hundreds of people out there from all over the world, chatting excitedly, looking up and pointing and having an overall good time, a true party atmosphere. No eclipse glasses? No problem,they were being passed jovially from person to person so everyone could get a glimpse. The only thing missing was food and music.

My son was in Brooklyn and was enjoying his glasses, and the ability to look directly at the sun and not see just a blazing disk of light. He described being able to see features on the moon and the crescent shaped sun and obviously the fact that we hadn’t experienced totality had no negative bearing on the fun experience of an eclipse. I hope where ever you were, you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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