DaddyOFive Now DaddyOThree

  So those crappy parents I wrote about, Mike and Heather Martin, the YouTubers behind DaddyOFive? Now you can call him DaddyOThree because he lost custody of his biological kids to their mom. Read about it here on Scary Mommy a website I like (don’t want to link to the YouTube channel, uh-uh): . Funny how quick attitudes can go from, “you’re a hater because you don’t make money on YouTube like we do” to, “We’re so sorry and we really desire change.” Whatever. Like a person who is remorseless and only sorry when they’re caught and then made to suffer consequences, these people are only sorry for themselves and the loss of six figures. Oh I didn’t mention that mean pranks was netting them over $100,000 a year? No need to get up and go to work, just scare the shit out of the kids and chill at home. Please, please let these people (and any others like them) go the way of the dodo. Mean isn’t funny. It’s just mean. Unfortunately though,  until our society stops rewarding this behavior, I fear we’ll see more of this. I hope it doesn’t become a new norm like alternative facts, ugh.

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