Chore Controversy

Yeah, the title right? I was surfing through FaceBook when a video popped up form Attn:Video that featured a mom sharing pictures of her young son doing chores. What really caught my eye was that some how, the fact that her kid was doing chores was causing a controversy among parents. ¬†I had to click on the video and read through some of the comments because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the controversy could be. Then I got to the parents who were calling this mom lazy and saying things like child labor is illegal, clean your house yourself, you’re a terrible mom for forcing your child to work, etc. I was flabbergasted, but now at least when I come across 20 somethings who can’t boil a fucking egg or don’t know how to sort laundry, it all makes sense.


They had parents who did everything for them, because having your child pitch in to keep the place where they live clean is a form of abuse. Having them help wash the clothing that they wear and you the parents buy, is such a mean thing. I mean, surely these super-parents intend to do their children’s laundry until they’re too old to lift a laundry basket. ¬†Without chores, how the hell do you teach kids how to take care of themselves as adults? Did this many people in America really get raised without doing any chores? I find that fascinating and disturbing. I had no idea such a huge segment of the population is either able to hire someone else to do regular household chores for them, or just don’t believe there’s any value in having children work around their homes. I mean they live there too, will they expect to just take over every task that their parents ever did for them upon getting their own place? What kind of characters do people have when they can throw dirty clothes on the floor and never have to pick them up themselves? I guess I have more questions than answers in this article. All of my sons had chores and now as adults, well, they do their part. My oldest has a family and he works full time outside of his home and then comes home and takes his turn at cooking dinner and cleaning up. It’s how he was raised, everyone taking turns and doing their part in a household. Because who wants a man that never lifts a finger, or a child for that matter, making mom a slave to their messy whims? To say that I don’t understand the parents who have a problem with chores is an understatement. A chore completely by a child gives them a feeling of accomplishment and pride knowing that they are an active, caring member of a family that helps each other to live in a (semi) clean environment. It shows them just how much work it takes to maintain a home and a family and gives them some appreciation for the amount of work that their parents are doing for their happiness. Aren’t internet trolls enough proof that bratty, entitled, clueless kids can ultimately become shithead adults?


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