Brain Fog

I’ve got nothing right now people. I had the first third of about 7 different articles over the weekend, and this crappy Monday has sucked it all out of my head, sorry. I’m planning a move this very week and I’ve packed approximately no boxes of anything. Everyone I live with is male. I live with males ranging in age from 12 to 45 so feel my pain right now. I am grateful that my 20 year old took off to stay with a friend in New Jersey this weekend and dropped his little brother off at my sisters house. It was nice to sit and stare at the wall and then the tv without anyone asking me for anything. (Except the dogs of course and thankfully, they can’t talk and are epic cuddlers).

I had planned to write the second half of that pet article and then this whole thing on religion (or the lack thereof). But I hadn’t been alone in a room for that many hours in such a long time that I wound up not moving very much at all. Like a meditating statue or something. I just gathered my thoughts and had the idea to write all of those articles today. Didn’t happen. So my apologies if you were looking forward to my witty observations on smelly preteen boys or dinners that could not be quick enough. I’ll get back at it very soon. Maybe after I pack a box or two. In the meantime, here’s an adorable picture of my youngest in a museum gift shop pretending to be bitten by a stuffed dinosaur. You’re welcome.


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