Hello world! I’m Cheryl, mother of 3 boys, ‘baby mama’ to a few more, writer- blogger extraordinaire! This page is designed to share my extensive parenting knowledge (my oldest child is 23), help other parents cope with parenting issues as they relate to the issues of the day and our changing times in the urban landscape. I’m here for more than just moms, but a website called: urbanmommysdaddysgrandparentsandeverytypeofguardianinbetween was just too long. (And urbanmommies was already taken so… here I am). There’s no issue too big or small to discuss and often I find that incorporating the vast experience of┬álots of other parents into our most challenging parenting dilemmas only helps us be better parents. There’s so many factors affecting kids and parents and the navigation of our relationships these days, that I see lots of young parents getting overwhelmed. There’s a lot of judgement out there and I aim for UrbanMommys to be judgement free and full of useful info. Because I needed that badly as a young mom with a small boy whose needs I had a hard time comprehending. I found the strength and understanding in the generations before me as well as well, trial and error, let’s just be real here. In the early ’90’s when my son was small and I struggled to understand how to meet his needs, the parenting magazines I turned to didn’t seem to speak to my situation. And although there’s a huge amount of knowledge a few keystrokes away, it’s still comforting to know that someone is listening, someone in the parenting community that you choose to join may be able to speak to your situation and if not, listen lovingly and without judgement.

I’m also something of an animal rescue advocate so I’ll use the occasional post to share dogs or cats who need homes and may be in danger of being euthanized. Hey you have kids, sometimes you have pets, one thing leads to another and boom, you’re a rescue advocate! I also support people advocating for any and all human rights (I know it’s a lot and it may seem like it’s all over the place, but it’s really not, it’s intersectional, which is a cool new word you should look up). Lastly, I love parenthesis!

Welcome and hugs to you!